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INSPECTIFAI means both Quality and Efficiency

Committed to achieving greater drug and patient safety for pharmaceutical companies, our customers no longer have to choose between product quality and efficiency. With InspectifAI, we succeed both and create yearly savings in the millions.

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Our Benefits

Minimize requalification efforts
Achieve higher machine throughput
Speed up recipe optimizations
Minimize recipe landscape
Shorten time-2-inspection for new products
Positive impact on sustainability

The Problem we tackle

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is subject to strict regulatory requirements. This includes a 100% quality control of each pharmaceutical product once filled. Automatic Visual Inspection (AVI) is already common practice in the industry, being more precise and faster than traditional manual quality control. Yet, even with AVI, high False Reject Rates occur frequently. The result? Extensive secondary inspection and high costs.


Our AI software solution condenses the knowledge and experience of inspection specialists and makes it accessible to Automated Visual Inspection. Improving the decision-making on product quality, our AI models reduce False Rejects and thus reinspection efforts to a minimum.

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Edge Excellence
We empower even older vision systems and AVI’s to use and leverage the advantages of AI. Besides computational power, additional features enable real-time image acquisition during commercial production for further performance optimizations.
Software Excellence
AI empowers the visual inspection process, significantly reducing manual efforts and time-consuming tasks. This enables faster and more accurate defect detection, minimizes requalification efforts, and assures higher machine throughput. With AI as your ally, streamline workflows, expedite production, and maximize operational efficiency!
AI Excellence
We ensure to train the right AI model and train the AI model right. Mastering a portfolio of AI models, we ensure to make the right decision for your individual vision problem.
Compliance Excellence
We ensure GxP compliance with our internal processes, our product development, as well as our solution implementation on your site including the qualification processes supported by our documentation.

Regulatory Compliance

With our end-to-end solution, we ensure regulatory-compliant AI on a wide variety of vision applications and Automated Visual Inspection systems without any significant changes or requalification efforts on your machine. We work GxP compliant in developing state-of-the-art software and bringing INSPECTIFAI EMBRAICE onto your vision system. Our documentation and validation package is part of our delivery and makes AI applicable in the regulated industry.


More than 100 years of Pharma expertise & know-how

With our long-lasting experience within Körber, offering and delivering innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical industry from packaging machines, and inspection machines to the market-leading Manufacturing Execution System, we understand the needs and boundary conditions of this industry. We ensure reliable and compliant project delivery.


Data security is most valuable for us

Not just for building superior machine learning models but also in our efforts to ensure the highest data security standards. Besides GxP compliance, we ensure the highest data security measures and fully comprehensive data separation.


Our machine-agnostic approach

Our solution design enables us to bring AI to any vision application or AVI, not specific to one vendor only. All necessary components are part of the InspectifAI solution. This enables us to solve the customer's pain points globally and not only for one application.


Our minimal-invasive solution design

If your vision application or AVI is already qualified, you don’t want to change the machine setup and perform necessary re-qualifications. As we only connect to the AVI and provide all necessary computational power for the execution of the AI model as part of our solution, requalification efforts are minimal. No expensive machine retrofits are necessary.

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