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ROI Calculator

Determine your ROI through AI in Visual Inspection

We enhance pharmaceutical manufacturing by improving product quality and efficiency at the same time. Want to know how this benefits you in terms of cost savings? Explore the potential savings from reduced reinspection efforts using our AI solution.

Improve your Inspection Performance

The calculator below helps you to identify the savings and ROI for your visual inspection.
Inspection Machine speed in ppm
Reject Rate in %
Inspection hours per day
Production/Inspection days per year
Reinspection mode

Because you chose No reinspection

Product price per unit in €
MVI speed per specialist in ppm
Average Salary Inspection Specialist in € p.a.
SVI machine speed in ppm
Average salary inspection specialist in € p.a.
Number of specialists working on SVI machine
Your potential reinspection savings

You would like to understand how we can achieve these results and more for you? Please fill in the form below and we will create a detailed ROI analysis for your use case

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Please note that this calculator operates with conservative values. This means that your organization could potentially achieve a much higher return than indicated. For a specific professional assessment, please contact our experts.

Regulatory Compliance

With our end-to-end solution, we ensure regulatory-compliant AI on a wide variety of vision applications and Automated Visual Inspection systems without any significant changes or requalification efforts on your machine. We work GxP compliant in developing state-of-the-art software and bringing INSPECTIFAI EMBRAICE onto your vision system. Our documentation and validation package is part of our delivery and makes AI applicable in the regulated industry.